lunes, 26 de febrero de 2018


We invite you to participate in our Garcitubers book report activity. A new way of sharing your book reports with the rest and also a great way of developing our oral skills.


    1. Read the book. Choose one from the house/class/school  library or even from your neighbourhood's     library.

     2. Think about what information is important in order to share it.

        Here you have an idea:

     3. Practice what you will say in front of the mirror, your family or your pets.

     4. Once you know what to say ask someone to record your booktubing.
          Prepare the scene, maybe you want to put a poster behind you or if you are very shy, you can use puppets to tell about the book. BE CREATIVE.

     5. Send it to the class email.

     6. Once we receive it, we will watch it in class, and with your parent's permission we will upload it in our school's web to share it with the rest of the school.


Examples of other schools: